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First of all, it is necessary to introduce our company to those who browse our website. Founded on July 15, 2003 and headquartered in Shanghai. Bon Voyage currently operates branches in China (Tianjin, Qing -dao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Taipei ), Vietnam ( Ho Chi Minh City ) , Chile ( Santiago, Iquique ), Peru ( Lima ), Bolivia ( La Paz ), USA ( Los Angeles ) and a representative office in Miami with more than 400 employees as of 2018. Bon Voyage, just as its name implies, it firstly aims at stability insteadof large scale and was founded by a group of friends with a common goal to struggle for an ideal. By virtue of 70% endeavor and 30% luck, and with robust development of economy in Mainland China, its development has far exceeded the expected ideal set in its initial establishment within the short eight years and it has indeed witnessed many difficulties.

Our goal :Life may be a company and the most important thing is to have a goal ( certainly, the goal isn´t to pick up stars in the sky ) and implement a solution, marching towards your goal in a positive way. In addition, our goal isn´t permanent and is phased because permanent goal is illusory, empty, too bit and isn´t practical and phased goal is practical as a result of being set according to internal conditions and extemal environ -ment, Let´s take an example, after having plenty of food, we have clothes to wear, car to drive , house to live and we can travel abroad.

Marching towards the goal :We share with you the methods of our company marching towards the goal, and in brief, it is only three words:” building up platforms”; platforms refer to “network platform”, “platform of ship-owning company”and“foreign agent platform”. After establishment, platforms shall be maintained steady and enduring which needs solid found -ation. What is our foundation? And how to lay solid foundation? It is a must to perfect internal organization and structure and strengthen every footstone. There are four footstones: management, business, operation and finance, but our footstones haven´t been laid firmly. However, we have confidence that with continuous impacts (the socalled impact means that market will constantly change and lead to tough challenges every time and everywhere according to economic circumstances in the world ), we will have firm and stable foundation to create the legend of BVL.

BVL of universal harmony :The word is strange and in fact, it is sourced from a world of universal harmony. As a small-scale company, we can´t achieve a word of universal harmony, but the final goal-BVL of universal harmony, is a possible task. In the initial stage of establishment, BVL focuses on cadres from Taiwan as the main management level, but now cadres from Mainland China account for nearly 50% of management level, which is a kind of universal harmony. The company has developed from 40 employees in the initial stage to about 400 employees at present and will attract more people to join in the future so as to march towards a common goal, which is also a kind of universal harmony. The final goal of BVL is to achieve universal harmony, but some concepts are difficult to be described in words, so persons who browse the website can only understand them by heart.
Although it is only small candlelight, it can light up a small part of the world!
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